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Zora was purchased from a family in Princeton, BC in April 2016. She is a stunning ‘Gray’ Norwegian Fjord. Born June 1, 2003 and registered as ‘Snowy’s Zora’, she is actually distantly related to our other Fjord Desi.

She loves people and is gentle, with the calm Fjord personality.



Jazzy is a Welsh cross Arab mare born on Vancouver Island in 2005.

She has lots of freckles, a blaze and a white sock. She loves trail rides and getting groomed.

She is our littlest horse and also our fastest.



Desi is a registered Norwegian Fjord gelding. He was born in 1992, his registered name is Destrier of Narnia! Desi has been with PRTRA since October 2007 and is one of the backbones of our program here at PRTRA.

With endless patience and an even temperament, Desi can be counted on to look after some of our most challenging riders.

We are very lucky to have a wonderful ‘home away from home’ for Desi when the program is not running. He lives with the Pagani’s who take very good care of him and love him like their own.


Sitka is a lovely Quarter Horse/Norwegian Fjord cross mare born in 1997. She was donated to the PRTRA in July 2010. As a 4-month old filly Sitka lost the sight in her left eye as a result of an accident. This does not hold her back from doing her job.

Her size and forward movement make her a suitable horse for some of our adult riders but she can also be trusted to look after some of our younger inexperienced riders as well.


Liam comes to us from Salt Spring Island and is the first horse to be adopted through PRTRA’s Adopt A Pony program. He is a chestnut roan Belgian/Quarter Horse gelding born in 1995.

Liam’s quiet “gentle giant” nature makes him everyone’s favorite. Not only does he get along with all of us but also he gets along with the whole herd and has made a wonderful pasture mate for many of our horses.


Tekida was purchased in April 2015 from Tanglewood Farm here in Powell River. She has a white star and the sweetest little face. Her registered name is Azi Tekida. She was born in 1991.

She quickly became one of our favourites.


Josie is a 24 year old buckskin Quarter Horse. She is here on a free lease and is the newest addition to our herd. She has a sweet, calm nature that makes her a wonderful therapy horse.



Copper is a 24 year old Appendix (Thoroughbred x Quarter Horse).

His colour is a dark bay with a star! He is 15.2 hands high.

He is an excellent therapy mount for our Independent riders. Copper is a great teacher because he is well-trained and has lovely smooth movement. And he is sensitive and patient!


Here’s a great way to help PRTRA. Consider sponsoring one of the therapy horses through the Adopt-a-Pony program.

The cost of maintaining a special therapy horse is very high. Costs may include feed, bedding, farrier and veterinary costs, replacing special tack, maintaining and repairing stable and pasture.

Your sponsorship will maintain one special therapeutic riding horse of your choice for one year. The Adopt-a-Pony program gives corporations, groups and individuals the opportunity to support the “backbone” of our therapeutic riding program - the horses.

Sponsorship Benefits Adopt-a-Pony sponsors are recognized for their contribution in many ways...

  • Name plate with sponsor’s logo on horse’s stall
  • Plaque with horse’s photo to display in your office
  • PRTRA’s Facebook page and Website will include mention of Adopt-a-Pony sponsors with link to your web site.
  • Recognition at PRTRA events

For further information or to adopt a pony, please contact us by email at or phone 604-485-0177

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