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for information contact the Centre:
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4356 Myrtle Avenue
Powell River, BC
V8A 0T2
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from the volunteer coordinator


  • Is an easy commitment to help you feel good about giving!
  • We have several 45 min. classes throughout the day, you only need to do one!
  • The program runs Mon-Thurs. so every weekend is a long weekend!
  • And we follow the school year so you have all major holidays and the whole summer off!
  • We are very flexible and try to accommodate everyone.
  • Training is provided and no experience is necessary.

Recruitment is on-going so any time you are ready to join a great group of people and feel really good about being a part of your community


Contact us!
Dusty Reid, Volunteer Coordinator
Ph: 604-485-0177

For only 45 min. per week, we guarantee an easy walk, fresh air and big smiles!


volunteering can be many things for many people:

For a young person:
It can fulfill a curriculum requirement
Provide skills and experience for a post-secondary application
Help with a career or education decision making process
For someone changing careers:
A volunteer experience can help you build new skills that can help in a job hunt.
It’s a great way to avoid a ‘gap’ on your resume.
Keep some structure and routine in your suddenly-empty daytime schedule.
For the recently ‘retired’ or new to Powell River
Great way to meet new people
Light exercise
Give purpose to your day
  • Become involved with your community
  • Makes it possible for us to provide equine therapy to approximately 75 children and adults in our community.

“The motivating belief is that therapy through horseback riding is one of the more progressive forms of therapy, offering empowerment and inspiring self-confidence, a sense of responsibility and teamwork. Most importantly, riding is a FUN way to receive therapy!” We are very lucky in our small and remote town of Powell River to have access to this type of therapy.

We could not do this without our Volunteers.
We fill from 24 to 50 spots A DAY with volunteers only.
People from our community who give their time and energy, commitment and smiles!
We can run up to approximately 6000 volunteer hours a year for our riding program, special events, facility maintenance, special projects, horse care and more.

New volunteers are always welcome. Contact Volunteer Coordinator Dusty Reid at 604-485-0177 or at for information on how to participate. Of course, we have opportunities for volunteers who want to work with riders and horses but can also find great things to do for those who may be interested in fund-raising, event planning, etc. All kinds of skills are useful and welcomed.

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A very big Thank You to all our Volunteers. We couldn't do it without you!

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